Completed Projects

 Hotel Zoso


With tourism numbers dropping, Hotel Zoso needed to enhance their revenue with additional promotions and events in the community, as well as enhanced branding to potential guests outside the area.  After positioning them as a trendy, hip destination in the “epicenter” of downtown Palm Springs, work was done to reinforce this perception within the minds of all members of the target audience.  This included everything from the creation of the wildly successful Friday Night Dive-In, to the Tox+Detox pool parties, pet-friendly room promotions and collateral materials which reflect their unique style.

  • Branding
  • Campaign Theme (Find Your Z Spot)
  • Event Creation/Promotion
  • Strategic Sponsorships
  • Public Relations
  • Direct Event Business Referrals
  • Promotions/Co-promotions
  • Value-Added Advertising